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From Pastor Kent’s Desk

Erin and I are bookaholics – we hoard books. It’s a double-edged sword because we’re
running out of space to store them! We’re both avid readers of fiction and we also have
extensive professional libraries. (The minister’s curse!) So, the upshot is we’ve got a whole
pile of books for which we must find space.
Let’s just simply say we like to read and we collect books.
Over the years I’ve set aside books to read in retirement – unfortunately, I’ve never fully
retired so they’re still waiting to be read. Some folks like to read about travel, or science, or
world history, or the “classics,” but I’ve set my sights on poetry, primarily American poetry.
Our poets write in a particular “American style” about the American experience: Philip Appleman,
e.e. cummings, Adrienne Rich, Wendell Berry, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Kenneth
Rexroth, Mary Oliver, Walt Whitman, Rita Dove, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, to name
but a few. Each of them is unique and each of them has something important to say.
Like American art, and American music, our words (when used with craft and care), reflect
our peculiar American psyche. For good, or for ill, the American experience is not a perfect
one. Darkness sometimes lurks just below the surface, and
our inner demons are always longing to come out and play.
Poetry enables us to examine our bitter and better selves in
the light of day. Sometimes we like what we see, and at
other times, we’re ashamed of ourselves: “Is that who we really are as a people and a nation?”
That’s OK because like all the other cultures which inhabit the globe, we’re only human with
all that that entails. And so, we celebrate our existence with words:

The Evening Is Tranquil and Dawn Is a Thousand Miles Away
Charles Wright
The mares go down for their evening feed
into the meadow grass.
Two pine trees sway in the invisible wind –
some sway, some don’t sway.
The heart of the world lies open, leached and ticking with sunlight
For just a minute or so.
The mares have their heads on the ground,
the trees have their heads on the blue sky.
Two ravens circle and twist.
On the borders of heaven, the river flows clear a bit longer.
From Pastor Kent’s Desk
Grace & Peace, Kent

What’s Happening?

We’re in high summer now, and with it comes vacations and opportunities to “get away” and refresh and renew ourselves. Sometimes, we deny the need to do so, but each of us must take time away from the ordinary to nourish our souls. That’s simply how we’re made. It’s Sabbath Time! You’ll notice in the “Worship Schedule” that Rev. Holmes will be away in August. The first two Sundays, The Rev. Daniel Erdman will be our guest preacher. No stranger to our pulpit, Daniel comes with a fresh perspective on the Gospel, and brings new insight into familiar texts. He will be presiding at the Lord’s Table on Sunday, August 5, as the Lord’s Supper is celebrated. He will also be in the pulpit on the following Sunday, August 12. On Sunday, August 19, a very special guest will be in our pulpit: The Rev. Dr. Michael Wilson, Stated Clerk of The Donegal Presbytery. Rev. Wilson was for many years the Pastor of Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church in Quarryville. He is currently working on his PhD Degree in the Netherlands, focusing on Church Polity. He and his wife, Tricia, have three children ranging from age 13 to a sophomore in college. Michael is also an avid jogger, an expert dog walker, and a delightful preacher! Mark your calendars and make it a point to be in church on August 19th – you’ll be glad you did! Included with your Newsletter this month, is a Special Edition of the “The Presbyterian Outlook.” This edition recaps the work of the recent 223rd General Assembly of the PCUSA held in St. Louis in June. Please take time to read it over and learn about the important work our denomination is doing.