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From Pastor Kent’s Desk

My annual summer wanderlust has started. I’m ready to
get on the road and head somewhere – east, west, north, or
south – it doesn’t really make any difference to me. I’ve just
finished re-reading John Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley.”
I read it for the first time in 1962, the year it came out. I
was a sophomore in high school and fell in love with
Steinbeck’s writing and couldn’t wait to get on the road
myself. Reading it at age 71, though, is another kind of experience
entirely. In the ensuing years, I’ve seen first-hand
many, if not most, of the places I read about in 1962.
Steinbeck’s wanderlust became my wanderlust, and as a
result I’ve covered more territory than he did!
America is an amazing place. It’s filled with a diverse
people who all share a curiosity about what makes our country tick. The issues which
Steinbeck dealt with in 1962 are still with us today, still unresolved. Race, gender, financial
disparity, politics are all front and center in the America of the 21st century just as they were
in the mid-20th century. My hunch is that these issues will never be fully resolved!
The thing that gives me hope is that, at the end of the day, God is still in charge. The One who
created us is the One who sustains us and gives us a vision of a future which is radically
different than the one we face today. A future bright with the hope and promise of a world
transformed by God’s all-encompassing love. That’s not to say I’ve given up on the “now.”
Not by a long-shot! I’m as ready as anybody to see
what’s over the next hill, or just beyond the horizon.
No, the future I’m alluding to is one which will only be
consummated when God’s Reign is fully realized. A
future that will arrive in God’s good time.
But in the meantime, enjoy the ride. Pack lightly,
crank-up the tunes on the radio, get your groove on,
and watch the miles fly by. Don’t despair that things
aren’t perfect – they never are. And don’t let anybody
try to convince you that America isn’t worth your
time. It is still an amazing place in which to live!
From Pastor Kent’s Desk
Grace & Peace, Kent

We’re getting ready to make a BIG splash! It’s a “ROLLING RIVER RAMPAGE”

Have you ever been rafting on a river – especially the white
water kind? It’s really exciting! Children from preschool – 6th
grade will be going on a rafting adventure – albeit quite dry by
comparison – at VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL on June 24-28, from
6:30-8:30 PM. They will discover that life with God is full of
wonder and surprise, and that they can trust God to be with
them through everything. Relevant music, creative crafts,
interesting science projects, fun recreation, tasty snacks and
memorable Bible stories about Jesus’ life and ministry will help
kids know that God is always there to help them ride out the
rapids of life with His amazing grace. You can be a part of the
action by making a monetary contribution (use pew envelopes
marked VBS or send to church office), and praying for the staff
and participants, which include those from Bethany, Oromo and
Resurrection congregations. Besides our churches’ invitation to
children in our community to attend, please encourage kids
from your extended family and in your neighborhood to
register. Pre-registration can be done by calling/contacting the
church office. On the opening night, registration begins at 5:30
PM in Donegal Hall.

The Wired Word

“The Wired Word” is back on Wednesday mornings!
“The Wired Word” is a resource, ripped from the
headlines, which gives us an opportunity for an
in-depth look at some of the major issues facing our
society today. From foreign affairs to science, to film
and religion, we cover the gamut of current events.
Each week presents us with a different topic, so it never
gets boring. So, join us on Wednesday mornings at
10:00 a.m. in Pastor Kent’s office for an enriching and
uplifting time of fellowship and lively discussion.
You’ll be glad you did!